Anger Relief Tea

You will need:
2 TBS (tablespoons) each of catnip, lemon balm, rose petals, and vervain. 5 TBS of chamomile and lavendar.

Mix together thoroughly. Use 2 TBS per 1 CUP od hot water. As the tea steeps say:
Fiery anger go away
Calmness come and with me stay
Sooth my mind so I can think
Steep peace of mind within this drink.

To Dissolve someone's anger toeards you

When someone is angry with you, visualize a pink heart on his/her chest. Divide the heart into 4 quarters, then mentally remove the lower right quarter. Hold the image for a few moments. This will clear away the anger and make way for reasonable discussion.

Protection from Anger
Sprinkle passion flower across your threshold.

Spell to release anger

I have used this spell a lot. It helps me feel better.

When a time comes in your life that you feel stressed out and need a constructive way to release pent up anger and energy, go to a lake, ocean, stream, river, etc. Find a black stone. Visualize a circle of white light surrounding you. Cup the stone in your hands and direct all the energy you possibly can into this stone. Then, hurl the stone as far as you can into the water and say: With this stone anger be gone. Water bind it. No one find it. Ground and center your self, release the circle.

This spell adapted from The Spiral Dance By Starhawk.