Air Correspondences

Meanings: Patter, Breath, Intellect, Mind, Will
Colours: Yellow, Sky Blue, White, Violet
Season: Spring
Time of Day: Dawn
Tool: Athame/Sword
Sense: Smell
Age: Birth
State of Matter: Gas
Letter of Tetragramation: Yod
Elemental King: Paralda
Elemental Ruler: Ariel
Elementals: Anthropophagi, Bocan, Chi Spirits, Dryads, Dybbuck
Animal: Eagle, Birds
Directional Wind: Eurus
Archangel: Raphael
Evangelist: Matthew
Qualities: Heat, Moisture, Lightness, Obscurity, Sublety, Excessive Motion
Tarot Trump: Fol
Court Cards: Kings/Princes
Hebrew Name:Ruach
Humour: Phlegm
Jugian Function: Thinking
Metal: Mercury
Polarity: Yang/Masculine