Becoming a Witch

Becoming a Witch

by Morgaine

 Morgaine 2001.This article may be reproduced 
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I am often asked how one becomes a witch. Do you 
find someone who is a witch and they make you 
one? Or are you a witch just by saying you are? Can 
you make yourself a witch?

The process of becoming a witch doesn't happen 
overnight. It is a life change, a new path upon the 
journey of your life. It takes consideration, 
study and work. If you have previously followed a 
mainstream religion, you may have things that take 
time to let go, and new things that take time to 
absorb. I have heard many people say it is often 
hard, coming from a life of Christianity, to feel 
comfortable praying to the Goddess. All new 
things take time, but if you are serious upon this 
path, you will find your way. The Gods call their 
own home to them.

No matter how you have came about finding the Old 
Religion, here you are. So where do you go? To 
the book store. For a novice, books are like the 
air you breathe. You must have them, or access to 
them in some way. If you cannot afford, or do not 
feel safe having books on the Craft, the internet 
is the next best place.

In both books and on the internet you will find a 
wealth of knowledge that will help guide you upon 
your new path. Of course, as with anything else, 
there is good information and bad information. 
Avoid any kind of book, or internet site, that 
speaks of controlling another person in any way, 
harming them, doing love spells on a specific person, 
or tells you to chant in latin, even though you 
have no idea what you are saying (yes, I have seen 
sites like that). These books/sites will not 
fulfill your need for knowledge in the Craft and will 
only serve to confuse you.

Once you have read a variety of books and feel 
called to this path, the next step is to find a 
teacher. If you have access to a teacher, in my 
opinion this is the best course of action. A teacher 
or a coven can often be found if there is a new 
age book store in your community. Also, the 
Witches Voice is a site that offers networking in every 
state. It has grown extremely large over the past 
few years and is a valuable resource in the Craft 
community. All of my coven members have found me 
on the Witches Voice.

Having a mentor can offer so much to you when you 
are beginning. There will be things you come 
across that you have a hard time understanding and 
need clarification. If you have a teacher, they are 
just a phone call or email away. If you do not, 
you must try to decifer things on your own, and 
may not come to the correct end on them. If you do 
not have a teacher, again, the internet is the 
next best place to look. 

If you are only looking for a 'how to' on casting 
spells, then the Craft is not for you. Witchcraft 
is a serious spiritual path, in which magick is 
performed, but is secondary to the religion 
itself. I would suggest you look to ceremonial magick 
for that.

A couple of things need to be said about 
beginning this path, in light of recent attitudes about 
the Craft. Here lately it seems that you have a 
people who, after reading a few books, feel as if 
they can call themselves a master of the Art. They 
throw on a title like Lady/Lord, or HP/s, add 
some black clothes, a pentacle the size of a hubcap, 
and they are ready to go. This is not what the 
Craft is about. If you have spent years following a 
particular path, have worked hard for the 
spiritual lessons that have been presented to you, and 
through this have attained the title and rank, 
then by all means use it. But think of how you would 
feel if, after all that, you have a newbie with 6 
months and 5 books unde their belt walking about 
calling themselves Lady Starry Ski or Lord 
Thunderbutt. It is very offensive. Just like your 
parents told you when you were growing up (or maybe 
you still are) 'don't rush things, it will all come 
to you in the end, and be sweeter for the 
waiting'. This is true with the Craft. Using titles, 
putting on airs, and in general acting high and 
mighty are not going to make you any more spiritual. 
And that is what this path is about. What it will 
do is alienate you from people whom you may 
actually want to meet and get to know! 

All of this being said the way to become a witch 
is through study and dedication. Gather all of 
the information you can. Find the best teacher 
possible. Read whatever you can get your hands on. Go 
outside in nature and commune with the Goddess 
and God. Listen to the trees and the wind and the 
rush of the water, for this is the witch's world.