Altar Setup

One question that is asked a lot, especially by people new to Paganism and Wicca is how to set up an altar. Where do things go? What items should I place on an altar? Well, in this section I will have pics of my personal altars, of altars by friends, or pics I hvae found on the web. If you have a pic I can use, I would graciously appreciate it and give credit to you for your pic.

Basic Altar Layout

Here is a basic altar layout....

---> Suggested Layout Of Altar <---

        Goddess Symbol Or Candle                 God Symbol Or Candle


          Bowl Of Water                             Bowl Of Salt

                                  Red Candle

            Wand                                       Incense

            Bell                  Cauldron     Athame And/or Bolline
                               Spell Materials

                          -----> Altar Tools <-----

     A Goddess Symbol. Candle, Holed Stone, Statue.  A God Symbol. Athame
  Wand, Censor, Pentacle, a Bowl Of Water. A Bowl of salt placed on the
  Pentacle, Incense, Flowers and Greens. One Candle holder. Any other tools
  or materials required for your Rituals etc.

Why should an altar look like this?

In every Tradition I have studied, the altar is separated into 2 sides: The left is for the Goddess and the right is for the God. Some trads have the middle as Spirit or things that just don't go anywhere or the middle can be reserve for items you are using to work a spell. Each working tool has a male/female or God/Goddess energy or is specifically dedicated to the Goddess or God. You can see from the diagram above, which tools are representative of the God and Goddess.

Pictures of Actual Altars

Now for some eye candy. Here are pics of actual altars. If you would ever so kind, please send me any pics of your altar so others can learn from you!

Altar 1
Altar 2
Altar 3
Altar to Hekate (Dark Moon)
Full Moon Altar