Fertility Magick

Get Pregnant Spell #1

If you are hoping to get pregnant, set aside several hours with your partner when the moon is full in a water sign - Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. Light a white candle, and, together, clearly state that you wish to parent a child. Tell each other what your dreams are for this child, and how this child will change your lives. Be realistic, and honest with each other. As one white candle burns out, light another, then demonstrate the level of care that you will provide for the child by showing care for each other. You may do this through anything sensual, such as massage, bathing,or snuggling. After the sex act, continue showing care for each other for at least another hour. During this time, restate that your intent is to bring a child into your family, and that you will show the child the same level of care that you are currently showing each other.

Therese Francis A Spell A Day

Get Pregnant Spell #2 This spell works! Don't do it unless you really want to have children! and note: if you do not have a stable relationship or home life -this spell will not work! You will need the following: ace of wands 10 of cups the SUN something for a baby you bought specifically for this ritual (a bib, a small blanket...etc.....) 9 red candles. Light the candles and lay out the tarot cards one by one visualize yourself finding out you're pregnant - staring at a positive pregnancy test. and repeat the following: With these cards and with this spell- I call upon the good and helpful powers. I desire to start a family - I desire energy and love to continue. This small item (hold up the baby item) is the token of the commitment we are ready to make. we are ready to love our children - we are ready to teach our children and we are ready to have our children. so it is - so it shall be! seal this spell with kisses and hugs followed by the actions necessary to start a family. (lovemaking)

For Fertility

   Sprinkle poppies around a couple's bed (after 
cleansing it), and
sprinkle them and the sheets (sparingly) with 
musk oil