Teutonic Solstice

On the day of the Winter Solstice, members of the Old Teutonic Religion make Yule Wreaths. Each family member writes his or her wish for the new year on a slip of paper and tucks it into the wreath.. This wreath is hung with the family's stockings until Twelfth Night (New Year's Eve) and then burned. (If you intend to make such a wreath, keep in mind the size of your fireplace.)

The wreath can be made using a grapevine base or a circle of wood. Red ribbon should be used to wrap evergreen sprigs around the base until it is covered. One red apple should be placed at each quarter of the wreath (north, south, east, and west). The fun part is adding the little decorations: nuts, straw animals, mistletoe, and more ribbon. Then come the wishes - one per family member.

On Twelfth Night, take the wreath down, drink a toast to your favorite god or goddess, light the wreath on fire (safely), and cheer wildly celebrating the gift of the year to come. If conditions are such that you simply cannot burn your entire wreath, take the slips of paper out of it and burn them in a small fire-safe bowl instead.