Ancestress Night

Ancestress Night 

(October 31. Halloween or Samhain in other branches of Witchcraft.) 
Special Notes: tme for communication with the dead; the ruling time of 
the Crone Goddess. Traditionally, the Veil between the worlds is said to 
be thinnest on this night, making it easier to communicate with souls of 
the deceased. Remember, people do not change because they die. If there 
was someone with whom you did not get along, deny them entrance to your 
circle. Their vibrations can be just as disruptive and uncomfortable now 
as they were when the person was on the physical plane. There can also 
be the added complication that, once invited, the spirit will feel free 
to hand around and annoy you. 
Special Altar Supplies: cauldron; chalice of wine; plate of bread and 
salt; a white, a black, and a red candle. Arrange the candles around the 
cauldron. Cast the circle as usual. 

Light the extra candles, saying: 
I light three candles for the Goddess... as Maiden, as Mother, as Wise 
One. (Light the white.) Glorious Idhunn, keeper of the golden apples, 
forever the Maiden of youth and new beginnings, spring, and the planted 
seed. (Light the red.) Lovely Freyja, Great Mother of magick and 
prosperity, love and knowledge. (Light the black.) Dark Mother Hel, wise 
one of the twilight lands; queen of the night, death, and rebirth. I 
welcome the Goddess in all Her forms. 

Raise your arms and say: 
This is Ancestress Night, the feast to honor my foremothers, the night 
of the wheel-turning year that brings us to the Thin Veil. The gates 
between the worlds stand open this night. The footsteps of my 
foremothers and sisters rustle in the fallen leaves. The whispering 
winds carry their voices to my inner ears. All those who wish me well 
are welcomed within this circle. 

Put the plate of bread and salt on the pentagram: 
This is the night to honor my foremothers, the Feast of the Dead, the 
night strongest for communication with those gone into the shadow lands, 
those who now dwell with the Goddess. The Veil is lifted that they may 
know I have not forgotten, and that I may know they have not forgotten 
me. I await the voices of my departed sister-friends. 

Dip a piece of bread into the salt and eat it. 
I ask all who have gathered here to join me in this feast. For the bread 
gives strength and prosperity in all worlds. The salt reminds us of the 
Mother's blood within Her womb of rebirth. 

Raise the wine chalice high over the altar, say: 
May we all be strong in body, mind, and spirit. And may the wheel of 
karma bring us together once more. To my ancestresses! To the Goddess! 
Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again. 

Drink some of the wine. Turn back to the extra candles, and say: 
The year wheel has turned, the harvest has come again. I have sowed many 
thought-seeds since last Ancestress Night. Let the good be harvested; 
let those that would hinder or hurt me be cast aside. The Threefold 
Goddess - the Maiden, the Mother, the Wise One - has covered me with Her 
gentle hands, guided my steps, heard my desires. For this I give Her 
honor and love. 

Tap the pentagram gently with your wand, saying: 
Give me the true inner vision. Hear my desires, O Goddess! Guide and 
protect me. Lead me to greater knowledge and fulfillment. 

Stand in silence while you ask what you need of the Goddess. When you 
are finished, say: 
All love and honor to the Great Lady! 

Now is a time for divination, meditation, or spellwork. It is a special 
time to listen for the voices of loved ones gone into spirit. Ask them 
to help you by interpretation of the runestones, cards, or whatever. 
Thank them when you are finished. Close the circle. 

Falcon Feather & Valkyrie Sword : Feminine Shamanism, Witchcraft & Magick by 
D. J. Conway