Craft Ideas

> Nutter Butter Ghosts
> Dip the nutter butter cookies in melted almond bark and  place
2 mini
> chocolate
> chips on for the eyes while still wet. These turn out into
real cute
> ---
> Oreo Black Cats
> Materials:
> Oreo cookies
> Candy corn
> M&M's
> Red licorice string
> Black tinted frosting.
> Place the M&M's on the Oreo for the eyes use the frosting to
glue them in
> place. Place the candy corn on the top of the Oreo to resemble
ears use
> frosting to hold in place. Make a red licorice mouth and
whiskers and
> with frosting. You can use a chocolate chip or a brown or
black M&M for
> nose and attach with frosting.
> ---
> These pumpkins are made out of plastic clothes dryer hose.
They turn out
> real cute.
> Supplies needed:
> Dryer hose
> Orange spray paint
> Green felt
> Fake fall leaves
> Tacky Glue
> Green spray paint
> Cone shaped styrofoam
> Small wiggly eyes
> Small black pom pom
> Green pipe cleaners
> * Cut off section of dryer vent and make into a circle gluing
the two ends
> together. (So you have a nice size pumpkin)
> * Spray paint the dryer vent orange (let dry)
> * Spray paint the Styrofoam green for the stem (let dry)
> * Curl the green pipe cleaner around your finger. Put a little
glue on the
> pipe
> cleaner and place on top in center hole of pumpkin. Place glue
> stem and press down into center on top of pumpkin.
> * Cut two green leaves out of felt and place on top of
> * Glue additional fake fall leaves to the bottom of the
pumpkin (it then
> looks
> like it's sitting in a pile of leaves.)
> * Glue wiggly eyes to the black pom pom and glue on green leaf
on top of
> pumpkin.
> That's it! You now have a real neat looking centerpiece. With
the ruffled
> dryer
> vent it really looks like a pumpkin.
> ---
> Ghost from juice can lid
> Spray paint the lids white.  Provide the girls with hammers
and nails,
> have them punch four or five holes along the inside of the
rim, trying to
> space them out evenly, if possible.  Provide a rough piece of
> underneath for the nails to punch through.  Turn lid over and
with the
> hammer, gently tap the sharp edges down.  Safety first!
> Tear strips of white muslin or old bed sheets into strips and
using a pen
> screwdriver, push the end of the strip through from the front
to the back.
> No need for glueing...the rough edges of the lid will catch
into the
> material
> and it will stay quite nicely.  Punch another hole at the
opposite end
> and attach string or yarn for hanging.  Glue on huge googly
eyes and you
> have a
> ghost!  You can also use markers or paint to create ghostie
features on
> face.
> ----
> ghost pin
> take a cotton ball, put a safety pin thru the back,  glue 2
eyes on.
> you have a simple pin.
> ----
> spider pin
> 1 black pom pom ball, 1 smaller purple pompom ball.
> ( any color is fine, but this is the sizes and colors that we
> 2 pipe cleaners cut to make small spider legs.  1 safety pin.
> glue  the two pom pom balls together.
> glue the eyes on the smaller pom pom
> Hot glue gun ( leader does this ) the legs on the bottom of
the larger pom
> pom... Shove the saftey pin through the bottom and you have a
cute little
> spider pin.
> ---
> Halloween Little People Ghosts
> Materials needed:
> one empty 2 ltr. bottle
> two pieces of PVC pipe in 12 to 13 inch lengths
> masking tape.
> one 6" styrofoam ball
> Pair of toddler shoes
> Pair of toddler pants
> Square of white fabric roughly 24" x 24"
> Black felt for eyes
> Small plastic pumpkin basket with handle
> Holding the two liter bottle upside down, securely tape the
PVC pipe to
> form legs.  Wrap the tape around several times.  Pull the
pants of the
> legs and body securing with rubber bands at the "waist".  Hot
glue the
> inside of the shoes and insert the PVC pipe.  Hot glue the
> head to the flat side of the upside down bottle.  Hold in
place until
> glue dries.  The doll should be able to stand.  If not, adjust
the tape.
> Drape the square white cloth over the "head".  Cut eyes from
black felt
> and glue on.  Sew the plastic pumpkin basket to the front of
the ghost.
> ---
> Fake Hand
> Take a plastic glove that would have been in the first aid
> Fill it about 2/3 full or slightly less with bird seed and tie
the wrist
> part with a couple of good knots. paint red finger nail on the
glove and
> you have a fake hand ready to set on the edge of goodie plates
or in candy
> boxes whatever to give a fright.
> ---
> A dangling spider
> With an adult's help, use a ballpoint pen to poke a hole in
the bottom of
> film canister.  Thread yarn through the hole, and make a large
knot at the
> end inside the canister.
> For legs, cut four 7-inch-by-1/2 inch strips of felt. Spread
glue around
> the inside edge of the canister lid. Place the legs on the lid
(over the
> glue) so that their centers overlap in the middle.  Squeeze
glue around
> open edge of the canister, then push it hard into the lid.
> Make eyes from paper (or use googly eyes), and glue them on.
Hang your
> spider by the yarn or make him dance along the floor.
> If you've done this right, the film canister should be closed
up, with the
> lid at the bottom and the legs between the canister and the
> ---
> Yarn Pumpkin
> You need a round balloon, orange thread and white glue to
> Cover your work area with newspaper.  Inflate a ROUND balloon
and tie it
> closed.
> Wind a large amount of orange yarn or heavyweight crochet
thread around
> your hand.  Squeeze white glue all over thread.  It should
coat the
> In one hand, hold the thread end and the knot of the balloon. 
With your
> other (thread-covered) hand, wrap the thread around the
balloon, unwinding
> it from your hand as you go. If you need more yarn, repeat the
steps.  The
> effect should appear airy and open.
> When done, set the balloon in a cup.  When the glue has dried,
pop the
> balloon. (Overnight or several hours)  An orange thread
pumpkin will be
> left.
> To make a stem, glue green paper onto an empty thread spool. 
Glue the
> on top of the pumpkin, pressing down  a little.  For vines,
bend green
> chenille sticks around threads on the pumpkin then wrap the
ends around a
> pencil.
> Cut facial features from felt.  Glue them on the pumpkin.
Pom Pom Spider
>      Black yarn
>      Small square of cardboard
>      Black pipe cleaners
>      Googly eyes
>      Red construction paper
>      Glue
> Wind yard around and around cardboard square until heavily
covered. Using
> small piece of yarn tie securely at the centre, cut
> edges and remove the cardboard. Insert three pipe cleaners
into the
> centre and bend to form legs. Glue on eyes if
> desired, or cut out eyes from red paper. Use thread or yarn to
>      Egg Carton Spider
>      Cardboard egg carton
>      Black pipe cleaners
>      Black tempera paint, marker or crayon
>      Red construction paper
>      Glue
>      Thread or yarn
> Using paint, marker or crayons, colour the cup sections of the
egg carton.
> Cut each egg cup apart. Push pipe cleaner legs into
> egg cup and bend to shape legs. Cut red paper and glue on for
eyes. Use
> thread or yarn to hang.
>      Ghost Puppet
>      Tissue paper
>      Cotton ball
>      Rubber band
>      String
> Place tissue paper over a cotton ball and secure under ball
with rubber
> band. Draw eyes on with marker. Tie a string around
> neck and hang or use as a finger puppet by hooking over a
finger with
> band.
>      Halloween Chain
>      Orange and Black construction paper
> Cut orange and black strips of paper, three to four inches
long and
> inch wide. Form a circle with one strip and glue or
> staple ends. Take next strip and loop it through first circle,
> or stapling ends. Continue on making as long as you
> like, alternating colours.
>      Tombstones
>      Styrofoam sheets
>      Thick Black Marker
> Cut Styrofoam shapes into shape of tombstone. Write epitaph on
> with black marker. Prop up against doorways or
> walls.
>      Eye Masks
>      Inexpensive eye masks
>      Sequins
>      Feathers
>      Buttons
>      Dried beans
> Have kids attach a variety of items on hand to the masks with
glue to make
> their own decorated eye masks.
>      Monster Masks
>      Plaster of Paris bandage (available at pharmacies)
>      Vaseline
>      Water
> Cut strips of Plaster of Paris bandages about 2-inch lengths.
Grease your
> face or friends face well with Vaseline (tie hair back).
> Dip strips into bowl of water, one by one, and squeeze out all
> applying to face. Repeat strip by strip, overlapping
> by about  inch. Smooth out the strips as you go. Leave
breathing holes
> eye openings.
> The entire process should take 10 to 12 minutes from Vaseline
> until peeling off face. The mask will separate from
> face as it dries. In about 15 to 20 minutes the mask will be
ready for
> painting and decorating as desired.
>      Halloween table cloth
>      White paper table cloth
>      Sponges
>      Tempera acrylic paint
>      Markers
>      Stickers
>      Halloween cutouts
> On white paper tablecloth decorate with assorted shapes cut
from sponges.
> Glue on Halloween cutouts or stickers.
>      Creepy spiders
>      Crab shells
>      Black spray paint
> Purchase crab shells at a local market. Spray paint black and
use as
> decorations on Halloween night.
>      Trick or Treat Bags
>      Brown paper lunch bags
>      Felt-tip markers
>      Halloween stickers
>      Cutout pumpkins, ghosts, bats, cats
>      Glue
> Decorate the brown paper bags with assorted Halloween designs.
> paper grocery bags can be decorated and
> used for trick or treating.
>      Bone mobile
>      Bone shaped dog biscuits
>      White spray paint
>      String
>      Coat hanger
> Spray paint dog biscuits white on both sides. Once dry tie
together with
> string in a variety of patterns. Hang from coathangers or
> crossed dowels.

These are great for magickal party favors and will cost you very little.

6 miniature pumpkins
6 tea lights
knife or pumpkin carving tools

Cit off the tops of the little pumpkins and clean them out ( save those
seeds! ) Cut happy faces into the pumpkins. Insert tealights. Hold your
hands over the pumpkins and chant:
" Gold and silver
coins galore
all are coming
to your door."

Keep your hands over the pumpkins until your palms tingle or grow warm.
Give them to your friends with a smile, and repeat the spell to them.
Tell them to light the candle in the pumpkin at midnight on halloween to
activate the spell.

Taken from: HALOWEEN, spells, customs ans recipes
by: Silver Ravenwolf