MABON  Mabon is celebrated at the FALL EQUINOX, when
day and night are again
equal.  Mabon is the middle of the Harvest and of the
Fall season.  This is
the time of the Sun’s denouement, its’ slow slide into
Winter and symbolic
death.  It is also the time of the Earth’s’ ebbing
life force, as the plants
of Summer bear their fruit and decrease.
        The name Mabon comes from the Celtic God Mabon, or
Maponos, who died
every year, to be reborn in the Spring.  Mabon is
pronounced “MAH-bohn.”
        A Solar Sabbat, Mabon is sacred to the Father God.
This is the God
as King and Judge, Lord of the Tribe and Elder of the
community.  He is the
Lord of balance, law, and justice, the God of honor,
and conscience.  This is
the God Who willingly gives His life for the renewal
of the land, as a good
parent would give their life for their children, or a
good leader for their
people.  The Father God has many names, including
Zeus, Nodens, Thor,
Jupiter, and many others.
        Mabon is also sometimes associated with the Old God,
especially in
His form as
Dionysus, because this is the time of the grape
Harvest.  In this sense Mabon
honors the God of ecstasy, spiritual visions, and