Imbolc Ritual #2

You will need: your cauldron (if you have one), white, black, red candles

-Cast the circle.

-Put the cauldron with the white candle in the cauldron (affix it by dripping wax from another candle into the cauldron and then place the white candle on the warm wax or if you can find a floating candle, this would be good also), put the red candle on the left of the cauldron and the black on the right. SAy:
I greet you, Mother Earth, as you awaken from your long slumber. I join with my distant foremothers in giving honor to the Great Goddess. Prepare the fields and forests, prepare all creatures for the coming of spring.

-Tap the altar 3 times with your athame or index finger. SAy:
This is the time of the growing sun light. It signals to all followers of the Goddess that we must prepare for initiation and purification, for new cycles in our lives. It is a renewed promise of the Goddess for the future. At this time and in this place, I prepare my thought-seeds for the future.

-Stand in silence and ask the Goddess for inspiration and guidance for the future. When you're fininshed, tap the altar 3 times and say:
O Goddess, I give my dreams into your keeping. For only Your guidance and help may I see those dream-seeds grow into reality. If I have chosen wrongly or if you have better in store for me, send me messages loud and clear that I may re-form my goals. I do thank You.

-Light the white candle in the cauldron. Say:
At this time and in this place I do salute the Great Goddess as the sacred Maiden, now returned from the darkness. Preparation for new life begins as she spreads Her blessings upon all the lands and Her children.

-Light the red candle say:
From Her realm in the Marsh-Halls, Freya smiles upon the Earth and all things begin regeneration. AS there is renewal within the physical world, so should be renewal in my life. Great Mother, I ask for insight, good health, prosperity, and spiritual enlightenment.

-Light the black candle and say:
The crone stirs her cauldron of rebirth, spinning out threads of new life. She smiles upon the life-seeds within Her eternal womb and sends forth to be born again. The year wheel has turned once more to spring, and the Goddess in all Her aspects rejoices.

-Raise your arms, say:
Maiden of joy, Mother of joy, and Crone of wisdom, I greet you all. I am a Goddess-daughter(son), waiting in anticipation for new things in my life. Send me love and joy, fullfillment and growth. Purify my life and initiate me into greater mysteries.

-Make a toast to the Goddess and close your circle.

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