May 1 was celebrated as Beltane in earlier times and still is today by
Pagans and Witches. It is based in part on the old Roman festival of
Floralia, dedicated to Flora, Goddess of Flowers.Many more know it as
May Day. A wealth of customs and rites has survived from early times.
May Day was also the date the Romans honored the Lares, or household
and family guardians. Wreaths were hung before their altars, incense
burned and the family attuned to its spiritual essence.
Lilacs and hawthorne are traditionally brought into the home on May Day,
which is unusual because both plants are generally viewed as ill-luck
bringers in the house. On this day, though, the spell is broken.
The flowers of May - bluebells, yellow cowslips, daisies, roses,
marigolds, primroses and hundreds of others are still brought inside to
release their powers and connect the home with the living world
To guard your home against the intense magical powers at work on
Beltane, mark a cross in the hearth ashes with a hazel twig, or carry
elder twigs three times around the house, then hang them up inside or
place outside over the door.
At dawn on May Day, go to a garden or out in the woods and gather dew
from plants and flowers and grass. Bathe your face in this dew, and it
will highlight your beauty.
It is considered unfortunate to give away fire or salt on May Day, since
these were at one time the two most sacred substances. Thus, give them
away on May Day, and you give your luck away.
Beltane marks the beginning of summer, when all nature reaches a
crescendo of power and energy. The day and night were thought to be
dangerous for the unprepared because of these excessive vibrations. Due
to this phenomenon, it was deemed a good practice to sleep at home this

From The Magical Household : Empower Your Home With Love, Protection, Health and Happiness by Scott Cunningham.