Raven's Poetry Corner

Raven's Poetry Corner

Welcome to the poetry corner. This page consists of Pagan, Wiccan, and Goddess and God poems and invocations. Poems from my personal journal can be seen here.

If you have a poem that you would like listed in either place, please e-mail it to me!

Wiccan World
To me is warm all a glow
to others its ice they call it snow
to me it's divinity
warm like the sun
because this is nature
and worshipped as one.

To them it is food for makinng bread,
To me it's a gift even when dead
For this the corn of Lammas tide
And I am one with nature
for She is my bride.

I pray in the forests; hold rites in the field
for these are my temples whch nature doth built.
I roll in the meadows
of a Litha dream
for nature to others
is more than it seems.

With candles ablaze, with oils greens,
I chant to my deities so clear and unseen.
With nature I frolic
for I am a part.
I'll return to my loved ones
to re-start the beginning.
-Submitted by : Belladon

To Be A Witch
To be a witch
Shaper of reality,
Maker of magick...

To be a Witch
...is to hear the earth
To know things
that are sometimes painful,
To know her pain.

To be a Witch
...is to love the Earth
To nuture Her
in Her time of hurt
To sooth Her pain

To be a Witch
...is to dream the Earth
To shape a new world,
a new lie for her children
To live Her dream.
-by Lira Silbury

We Need A God Who Bleeds
We need a God who bleeds now
a God whose wounds are not
some small male vengence
some pitiful concession to humility
a desert swept with dry marrow in honor of the lord.

We need a god who bleeds now
spreads Her lunar vulva
and showers us in shades of scarlet
thick and warm like the breath of Her
our mother's tearing to let us in
this place breaks open
like out Mother's bleeding
the planet is heaving
mourning oiur ignorance
the moon tugs the sea
to holf Her
embracing swelling hills
I am not wounded
I am bleeding for life
We need a god who bleeds now
whose wounds aren't the end of anything.

I Am A Woman
I am daughter, sister, mother in thousands of generations of women, women whose skills created peaceful and bountiful civilizations, women who preserved remnants of our knowledge when civilizations passed.

I am a woman. In me lives the knowledge and experience of all beings. I can use this knowledge and experience to create a loving, spontaneous world...

I am a woman, a part of and the whole of the first circle, the circle that transcends space and time, the circle of woman joined.

I am a woman, a human being of extraordinary strength, wisdom and grace.

And this is true.
- by Ann Valliant

Hymn To Selene
Sing, Muses, of the Moon with long wings
From whose divine head sky-revealed lustre
Spirals down to Earth and great
Adornment arises from
Her gleaming radiance
The unillumined air glitters from Her golden crown-
Beams are released in the sky
whenever on the evening of the Full Moon
Far-shining Selene bathes Her soft skin in the ocean and cloths Herself,
And yoking Her foals, radiant, proud,
She drives the beautiful=maned horses
Eagerly before Her completing a great cycle-
Rays come brightest from the sky when she waxes.
A sure sign for mortals this:
She conceived and begot a daughter
Pandeia, enchantress, magician, pre-eminent beauty among mortals.
Hail Selene, white-armed Queen of the sky with flowing hair.

Queen Medusa
Here I sing of the Muses
who gift the Earth
with vision and voice
and of their cousin,
Fair Medusa of the shining gold wings

Hallowed healer whose
wisdom has been hidden
lo! these eons, turn now,
show the crown of
death change and rebirth
that sits upon your serpent hair
Show the strong beauty
That has always been yours.
Queen of Deep Sea,
Queen of the deep, red blood.
Low on the horizon, the dark moon widens
To a cresent smile
Mother of Pegasus
I welcome you!
-By: Burleigh Mutin

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