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[00] A letter from your Editors

Greetings and welcome to the first issue of the Lunar Pearl Pagan Newsletter. We hope this newsletter is a great service to the Pagan community. We hope to have lots of features that most other newsletters don't. It will be packed full of useful information, insightful articles, and thought provaking items. You may contact us at any time thru e-mail or by replying to this e-mail. Only the moderators will be able to see what you send as this is a moderated group not a discussion thing. Happy reading and please send us feedback about this and every issue!

[01] Pagan News

From the L.A. Times [02]Next Sabbat: Beltane

[03]Sabbat ritual: Beltane [04] Article: [05] Article: [06]Ritual: [07] Something to ponder! [08] Craft: Goddess Prayer Beads [11] Answers to your questions Got an answer to a question in an issue? PLease send in your answer!

[12] This Month's *HOT* links! If you know of a site that everyone HAS to see, send us the link! [13] Newsletter Info.

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