By: Psyche

Scrying requires the state of a light trance, often referred to as 
magickal consciousness. This is state can be described as a 
simultaneous state of concentration and relaxation.

"Crystal gazing" is the most publicized form of scrying, but one can 
use almost any reflective surface. Semi-precious stones may be 
suitable, a dark mirror (which is a piece of glass, usually convex, 
coated with black paint on the back) or simply a bowl or cauldron of 
water. One can drop a silver coin or ring kept especially for magickal 
purposes into the water to provide a point of focus.  

Let the mind drift as it does before going to sleep, free of all 
thoughts. One may need to practice reaching this state by various 
methods before one finds the way that works best. Often scrying is best
attempted by candlelight or moonlight, when all is quiet and there is 
no as much obvious distraction by the objects around one. 

Gaze into the glass or water (whatever your method of choice may be) 
and eventually what one is looking at will seem to disappear and images
will for in the mind, although some actually "see" pictures. 

Make a note of what is seen.  The meaning of what you see may not be 
immediately obvious, they could be symbolic or metaphoric, and require 
further meditation to better understand their meaning. 

Practice, patience, and experimentation are important, so one discovers
a method that is successful. Don't give up at the first attempt. If 
one is unsuccessful at first, try, and try again until success is 
evident. If nothing happens after a half an hour, abandon the attempt 
for the moment and try again another time when one feels more 
comfortable and that the conditions are more suitable.


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