Crystal Divination

Crystal Divination - Using Gemstones To Represent The Major Arcana
Tarot Cards

Submitted By: Lisa at The Awareness Shop - Date: 7/5/99

One could certainly select a group of stones with different meanings,
Put them together in a pouch and let people choose by feel or sight
Give mini readings based on what was chosen. Take a class in stone
And learn how the Ancients did their divination's based on the 4
And 4 directions.

Or you could use the Crystal Tarot ....
Here's how it works......have a general knowledge of The major Arcana
....or use a guide book. Collect the following crystals (each
represents a corresponding energy to a trump card) Decide how many stones will be used as an answer or reading, and how they will be chosen ....... and you're away..
The Fool - Agate
The Magician - Clear Quartz
The High Priestess - Kyanite
The Empress - Carnelian
The Emperor - Emerald
The Hierophant - Hematite
The Lovers - Rose Quartz
The Chariot - Leopard Skin
Strength - Citrine
The Hermit - Smokey Quartz
The Wheel - Aventurine
Justice - Bloodstone
The Hanged Man - Ametrine
Death - Black Tourmaline
The Tower - Chrysocolla
The Devi l- Black Onyx
Temperance - Kunzite
The Star - Tektite
The Moon - Moonstone
The Sun - Golden Tigerseye
Judgement - Fluorite
The World - Opal