Prep and Performance of Rituals

--Rituals are ceremonies which celebrate and stregthen our relationships with the Goddess, the God, and the Earth.

--Rituals don't need to be preplanned, rehearsed or traditional, or adhere to one particular pattern of form.

--There are a few things to decide upon and consider when beginning a ritual:
1)Make sure you won't be interruted.
2)A ritual bath comonly follows. This can be a quick dip or lavash soaking. Use a tablespoon or so of salt. Or if you'll be outdoors near a lake, ocean or stream, take a quick swim. Only bathe if you feel like doing so. 3)Decide how to dress for the ritual. There are many opinions of how to drees for ritual. Yes, there are some groups and covens who do rituals sky-clad (nude). This has nothing to do with sex or orgies that witches have been said to do for centuries. We are all naked when we are brought into the world and being nude isn't something to be ashamed of. Thanks to Christianity and some other religions, the human body has been taught to be "dirty" and something to be ashamed of. The human body no matter what shape or size is a work of art to be appreciated and not ashamed of. When I do my self dedication ritual, I do this nude. Most of my other rituals are done in robes of specific colors to help me adjust my state of mind. What you do is up to you. Here are colors and uses for ritual robes:

**If access to a robe isn't available or if you want to be inconspicuous, just wear clean clothing of a natural fiber.

4)Jewelry is optional. Whatever you feel like doing

Ritual Design and Set-up

1) Always try to have everything you will need for the ritual in the ritual area beofre you cast the circle. A doorway can be but into the circle to get things but it is better not to disturb the energy of the circle.

2) Set-up the altar.

3) Cast the Circle.

4) Purify the area in the circle by lighting incense and carrying it around the circle.

5) Invoke the Goddess and God.

6) Perform the ritual.

7) Thank the Gods for their presence and blessings.

8) Break the Circle.

So, when writing and performing your rituals, remeber the 9 components of a ritual:

--Purify yourself
--Purify the space
--Create sacred space
--Ritual performance
--Raise energy (or meditaion)
--Release this energy
--Thank the Gods
--Break the circle

**It is also good to ground and center yourself after ritual. This can be done by sitting for a few minutes after ritual, eating a starchy food or some fruit, or splash some cool water on face and arms. When I first did ritualk work, I didn't center myself after ritual. I would walk around in a wierd state of mind for awhile. I felt like I was floating around and not really here. Eating something always helps me or splashing water on my body.

Good luck and remeber to have fun =)

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