Family Full Moon Ritual

This may be done at dinner time, in addition to your own
ritual later in the evening. 

Place your moon candle (a large white candle, preferably 
in the middle of the table in a bowl made of clear or blue 
if possible, and filled with water. Use your best dishes. When 
the meal
is ready, establish a sacred time and say a mealtime prayer. 

Then one child says: 
"Why is tonight special?" 

An adult answers: 
"Tonight is the Full Moon."
The child (or another one) asks: 
"Why is that a special time?"
An adult answers: 
"The Full Moon is our Mother 
Who wraps Her arms around us. 
She guards us and loves us 
and tonight we return that love." 

Another way to do this is for the adults to ask the children 
the questions and 
let them answer in their own words. As they grow, their 
understanding of the 
day will change and there will be a regular opportunity to 
express it.
The mother then lights the moon candle. She holds it above the 
table and 
everyone says: 

"The Goddess is shining, high in the sky." 
She returns it to the bowl of water and everyone says: 
"The Goddess is shining, here in our home." 
Everyone crosses their hands on their breasts and says: 
"The Goddess is shining, deep in our hearts." 

Then have your dinner. At the end, clear away the dinner 
things. Leave your 
glasses and the moon candle. Set the table again with cakes and 
drinks. Then 
an adult says: 

"We share the gifts of the Goddess with her and each other 
on the night when she rides high in the sky." 

Pass the cakes around. While you do, one parent says: 

"Mother of us all, 
Watch over us. 
Hug us 
Hold us 
Wrap us round with your loving arms 
and keep us safe until the Moon is full again." 

After the cakes are eaten, snuff out the moon candle. Then pour 
the melted wax 
from it into the water. It will cool quickly. Use it to divine 
from, to see 
what the next month will bring. For young children, this is a 
game of "What 
does it look like?"

As the children go to bed, annoint them with the water, saying: 

"May the Moon send you good dreams." 

The moon water can also be used for sprinklings, offerings, or 

~ from "The Pagan Family" by Ceisiwr Serith